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Corporate Governance Survey 2022 | Mexico Edition

Today the sustainability and permanence of companies depends to a large extent on the existence of a professional Board of Directors to contribute, guide and supervise the management of the General Management and its management team.

One of the biggest proposals in modern administration is, without a doubt, the Corporate Governance bases promulgated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) at the end of the 1990s, based on logical principles such as: transparency, productivity, competitiveness, the integrity of the institutions, as well as equity and justice, to protect its shareholders (including minorities), investors and all its interest groups.

Recognizing the importance of the Corporate Governance model in the development and consolidation of companies in our country, at the IMMPC Research and Development Center (CID), we promoted the research project “Corporate Governance Survey Mexico Edition 2022”, through the design of an instrument that is divided into study categories such as:

  • The representativeness of family businesses in Mexico.

  • The legal formalization of the Board of Directors or its operation as an Advisory Board.

  • How it is integrated and the participation of women.

  • The main support committees and the integration of the Independent board members.

  • The remuneration ranges of the board members and the evaluation bases.

  • The Board’s approach, its contribution of value, as well as the challenges and opportunities of the model.

Here are some of the relevant results for your attention and study:

  • 75% of companies are the family controlled.

  • 51.4% of companies claim to integrate a Board of Directors into their management model.

  • Of this 51.4%, women have a relevant participation in the Council with 74.49%

Does Corporate Governance apply to my company?

A Corporate Government can be established even from the birth of a company. This is achieved by defining governance structures such as: family council of partners and shareholders, shareholders' meeting, board of directors, among others. Some processes may change depending on the type of company.

Often in Mexico it is thought that the best practices of Corporate Governance (CG) only apply to very large companies or those that are listed on the stock market, since there is an idea that having good Corporate Governance requires a strong investment of resources. ; being that the reality is different, since implementing it can be carried out taking advantage of the resources that companies already have and the resources invested will always be less than the benefits that will be obtained later.

According to this, today the implementation of a Corporate Governance is a topic of interest in the development and consolidation of companies in our country, for this reason the Research and Development Center (CID) belonging to the Mexican Institute of Best Corporate Practices (IMMPC) has promoted the research project “Corporate Governance Survey | Mexico 2022 Edition”, whose objective is to know first-line what is the state of Corporate Governance that small, medium and large companies have.


Corporate Governance Survey 2022 | Mexico edition

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